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Linda Long

Linda was admitted to practice in Victoria, Australia after graduating from Monash University (Clayton) with a double Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Arts (majoring in languages).

Spanning her career over 2 decades in large corporate environment and private practice, Linda has developed valuable experience in a broad range of corporate and commercial matters. Early in her career, Linda had the opportunity to be involved in natural resources, assisting as part of a legal team in the oil and gas industry with multinational companies such as Billiton Bogosu. Subsequently, when Pacific Dunlop Limited became one of the 20 largest companies in Australia in the 1990s, Linda was one of the Property Legal Managers who managed the leases for over 100 outlets in its automotive division, South Pacific Tyres trading as Goodyear and Beaurepaires. Linda was also the Property Legal Manager for the Hagemeyer Group when it acquired Pacific Dunlop’s electrical group in Australia.

Linda has been involved in the establishment, sale and purchase of various businesses. She has assisted the OMI group with the establishment of its first shopping centre retail food outlet and continues to work closely with OMI to provide legal support and advice in legal matters as it continues to expand and franchise its business operations in Victoria and interstate. Besides advising restaurant and café operators, Linda has also previously assisted other clients in the food industry including Australian supermarket chain, FoodWorks and Australian food producer, Freedom Foods. In the health services industry, Linda has assisted Dorevitch Pathology and other medical and dental practices.

Linda has a keen eye for detail which enables her to solve complex issues. She has assisted clients in various shareholder disputes, breach of director’s duties, breach of contract, franchise scam, consumer law complaints and debt recovery matters; and is also adept at drafting and reviewing contracts. In addition to commercial matters, Linda has also assisted clients in other areas including investigations commenced by regulators such as ASIC, infringement of trademark and brand protection, employment disputes, obtaining property by deception, contested will matters and family law disputes. Linda’s diverse experience also includes being involved in a Royal Commission Inquiry into the Metropolitan Ambulance Service in Victoria and acting in a high profile reported case involving a purported child marriage.

Linda’s preferred approach is to assist clients to resolve disputes to avoid the stress and cost of litigation. However, Linda has also represented clients in court and worked with Queen’s Counsels when matters are litigated. Linda strives to exceed her clients’ expectations and to provide timely, quality and cost-effective legal advice.

Linda is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.